Brand New You

There’s something nostalgic about new beginnings; and not unicorns and daisies nostalgia, but a fresh chance at purity and hope. New beginnings mean endless possibilities. The world is a complete unknown. For the first time in a long time, you have a clean slate–a blank canvas, a palette full of fresh acrylics, and you’re van Gogh. I’ve always seen the beginning of a new school year as a gateway to endless opportunity and incredible chance. I can completely start over–be whoever I want to be. To the average person, I am absolutely no different today than I was yesterday; but to me? I’m a slightly less cluttered, worried, junk-food eater, and I’ve instantly become a more wholesome, free, and loving individual. Just like that. Overnight. Back to School And I’m sure it will wear off, give it a few weeks–or months if I’m lucky–and then I’ll find a new reason to recharge and restart my life: New Years, Lent, my Birthday (yes, that totally deserves a capital letter), the beginning of summer,  and then just like clockwork, I’ll be sitting here going into another year of school and ready to start my life over and reform whoever it is that I’ve settled to be. But rather than seeing my constant need for change as an inconsistency and inability to follow through, I see it as something positive.  I have the ability to constantly reevaluate myself and–surprisingly, yet thankfully–I’m motivated enough to alter my life as I see necessary. Over these oh-so-long twenty years that I’ve lived, critiquing myself and owning my weaknesses has been one of my greatest challenges; no one wants to hear when they’re subpar–except obviously Rory McIlory right now–and it’s hard to admit when you aren’t being who you know you should be. It’s even harder to stand up to yourself and do something about it. So who cares if it takes a new school year for me to finally clean my room, purge my closet, and start eating some more veggies? I mean after all, the old me wouldn’t have blogged about the new me… and so it begins. -Megan


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