Awkward Awkward Awkward

Welcome Your Awkward

Everyone has the occasional awkward moment: a blank stare from a familiar face, an unexpected run in with an ex and you were supposed to be the one who is happier without them, or even just swallowing your words (one of my personal favorites). But me? No. I don’t just do the occasional awkward; I define awkward. If the average awkward moment is a Honda Accord–sensible, mid-sized, yet not a jaw dropper (sorry to those of you that live and breathe for your Accords)–then my awkward moments are equivalent to a fleet of Aston Martins surrounding a hot pink Rolls Royce (totally saw one tonight; only in Beverly Hills) being escorted by the National Guard. Today, this lovely Tuesday of the first week of school, has proven itself a great example of my undeniably entertaining awkward moments. Don’t be afraid to laugh, I am well aware that my life is mortifyingly hilarious.

I was taking a little cool down jog after my working today, and the USC Marching Band (Fight On!) was practicing on the track. There were different groups scattered around the field, each with a distinct instrument. I spent the first two laps looking for all of my adorable Helene-Bandies, and as I was starting my 3rd lap, I saw her: Amy–the birthday girl! As I’m circling the track and getting within earshot, I looked her way and shouted: AMY. AMY. AMY. She turned: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY! And just as I turned forward, I ran straight into a gate that was closing off the first three lanes of the track from being used. Right in front of her; right in front of everyone. She dropped to the floor laughing–probably peed her pants–and I’m pretty positive that she has been telling the story to everyone that she’s seen since it happened at 4pm today. Lucky me. All I have to say is: Happy-freaking-Birthday, Amy. I hope you enjoyed your little show today.

In other news, I also mistakenly told the scooper at Sprinkles Ice Cream today that one of my girl friends and I are a couple. Awesome, way to go, Megan. For the record: just because ‘you’re together’ with your payment doesn’t mean you’re actually ‘together.’ Clearly the Sprinkles lady doesn’t have the full scoop. Pun intended.

Best of luck with the most difficult day of the week tomorrow. Just make it until noon. It’s all downhill from there.



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