This is my life. And thank goodness.

Sometimes in the middle of my day, I’ll look to my right, and then to my left and think to myself: how did I get so lucky? No I don’t have everything, but I have everything that counts. I’m 20 years old with a roof over my head (thanks mom and dad), food in my stomach (thanks mom and dad), I go to an incredible yet insanely expensive university (HUGE thanks mom and dad), and I have the most beautiful, interesting and loving friends that anyone could ever dream of.

Friends Are Golden

I probably laugh at least an hour a day. Obviously not straight, but if you added it up? I would say at least an hour. Am I funny enough to crack myself up for over an hour a day? I mean, I think I am, but I don’t think that’s the case. I have the craziest yet most entertaining roommates; one in particular–you know who you are (between you and me, her name is Stephanie). And as we were walking back from our workout today, I thought to myself: Wow. This is my life. These are the moments and memories that I’m going to take with me and cherish when I’m old and wrinkly–when I’m on Stephanie’s team (she loves old people).

I think so often we’re too busy focusing on today. And I know that sounds silly because everyone always says, “Be present; live for today; focus on the now because tomorrow is never guaranteed.” And I agree with that. Today is the most important day. But I think that most of us are too caught up in the details of today–what we’re going to wear to class or how we’ll ever get that homework done (Probably by not blogging at 1am and doing homework instead? Just a thought) or my personal favorite: how am I ever going to get through that workout. But you eventually put clothes on, you actually sit down and get that homework done, and you push through that deadly sweat sesh. Too often do I stress about the insignificant details of my life that I forget to remember the truly amazing ones: my unbelievably loving parents, my insane yet perfectly unique sister, and my pee-your-pants from laughing too hard hilarious friends (it only happened this one time, I swear).

All of the small details in life matter, but only for right now. Whenever I’m having a serious meltdown about my life–which is often considering I’m a hormonally unstable 20 year old trying to fight through college–I try to think to myself: is this really going to matter when I’m 80? That stats homework and the PR that I have to set later today? Are they really that life changing? Probably not. But my family and friends? Absolutely. Hands down.

The sun will always go down at night and come back up in the morning (I’m pretty sure…), but it’s up to you to decide what kind of day it’s going to be and where you take yourself. One promise that I can make you: the ones by your side will eventually be all that matter. On that note, I have a paper to go write…



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