Eat In; Stay Thin

Being a poor college student with (unfortunately) limited funds, Stephanie and I have decided to have a contest: who can eat out the least. The rules are as follows:

  1. No eating out.
  2. No eating out under any circumstance.
  3. It doesn’t matter if a boy wants to buy you food; no eating out.
  4. Loser buys winner a meal of their choice

*Your’e allowed 2 drip coffees a week from Starbucks (mostly for when the all-nighters are calling…)*

That’s pretty much the game. Seems simple right? Well, it is. But it’s extremely difficult! I guess I never realized how much I crave Yogurtland until I couldn’t have it anymore (don’t even get me started on my Skinny Vanilla Latte withdrawals). I’ve probably heard 10 whining variations of my name in the past week when Stephanie is wailing about how much she wants boba or Sprinkles. But no matter how much she whines, I’m not giving in. Eating in is not only a smarter choice for my (mom’s) debit card, but it’s better for my body, too. And being a collegiate athlete, I owe it to myself, my team, and my potential to eat right and fuel my body well.

Now that’s doesn’t mean I don’t have the occasional piece of chocolate or a huge bowl of cereal when I’m having a bad day, but it means making healthy choices every chance I can and limiting myself when I’m indulging. One way I decide when I should indulge is based on how badly I want it (I know… Einstein over here). But seriously, if I only ‘feel like some froyo,’ that’s not good enough for me. There are days when I seriously CAN NOT LIVE WITH OUT IT; those are the days when I treat myself. And today just might just be one of those days… but obviously I’ll have to whip out the VitaMix because there is no way I’m losing this bet!

Happy SatudayAfter practice today the roomies and I came home and made breakfast together; I loved cooking and making a delish meal that we could share (even meat free for Alyssa… I know… the things we do for her). And you know what? It tasted that much better than any breakfast that I could have ordered because I was enjoying it with a few of my favorites. And it was healthy, too. What more can an LA girl ask for?

Enjoy your Saturday 🙂



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