‘Tis The Season

Costco may be already selling unreasonably large, inflatable snowmen and holiday lights, but the Christmas season isn’t what I’m excited about. I’m talking about FOOTBALL! And I don’t just mean any football, but TROJAN FOOTBALL! Since starting college and moving about a bajillion miles away (Okay, only 346. But who’s counting, right?), I’ve had a difficult time with transitions. It’s always so hard for me to leave my amazing life back in the bay (not to mention the amazing people), but once I get to school and get settled, everything seems normal. And when it’s time to leave school and go back home, it’s a weird transition again: living at home with my parents, following rules, cleaning up after myself, blah blah blah. And both lives are great! I wouldn’t trade them for anything; they’re just very, very different.

But when August rolls around and I’m packing all of my (un)necessary stuff, there’s one thing that makes my move back down to Southern California a lot sweeter and a little bit easier: football. There is nothing that compares to sitting front row in the student section of the LA Coliseum, surrounded by my Helenie-babies, cheering on my boys. The amount of pride and love that I have for this school is simply indescribable. Or if you want it in Megan terms: I just can’t even. I know what it feels like to compete with USC across my chest (I get goosebumps by simply thinking about it), and looking around the stadium at 90+ thousand fans that have that same pride and love for my university? It’s incredible. There are no words. I just can’t even.

Football Is Back

Gamedays at SC are pretty big; and when I say big, I mean my mother reconsidered paying tuition due to the insane amount of tailgating and the large masses of people that cover every inch of the campus before proceeding to the coliseum; I think she was afraid that I’d never make it to class (valid concern, Mom). But this year, I was slightly more prepared than I have been in the past. Being in my third year here, I’ve learned a few things about gameday:

  1. If it’s a day game, you’re going to be scorching. Get over it or go home.
  2. Wear closed toed shoes; no one cares if they’re squishing your piggies.
  3. Do not hold posters or signs of any kind that draw unnecessary attention to yourself; that always ends poorly. No comment.
  4. Make sure you’ve got some good friends by your side. With a few of those, you’ll have everything else that you need.

Stay safe on gamedays and most importantly: enjoy yourself! You can’t sit in the student section forever.

Oh, and Fight On. Always.



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