Me, Myself, and Megan

Life Isn't About Finding YourselfI think the hardest part about being in college–and/or moving away from home–is realizing that it’s not always all about you. And as much of a princess as I am (or think I am), life goes on without me. My parents still go out, have a great time, and live their lives. And don’t get me wrong, I am so glad that they do; if they didn’t I’d be worried. But for so long, as kids, we’re built to concededly think that our parents’ sole purpose in life is to take care of us, see how we’re doing, make sure we have what we need, and unnecessarily punish us–because obviously they ‘just don’t understand’ (at least between the ages of 12 and 20).

When I see my parents doing awesome, fun things via Instagram (yeah, I know, right?! I told you they were cool), a few thoughts run through my head. Initially, I am almost always jealous. Not usually because of what cool thing they’re doing, but mostly because what I’m doing sucks that much more knowing what cool things I could be doing. Hard to believe, but many things beat studying on the ‘Things I Want to Do Today’ list (shocking). Following the jealously is usually a wave of adoration. I pass my phone around the table and say, “Oh my gosh. Staaaap it. I can’t even handle how cute my parents are right now.” And then when that phase passes it’s: WHAT THE HECK?! Why do they always do the fun things without me?! That step is far more prominent when they do big Cabo and Hawaii trips that they casually mention only a week or two before they’re leaving. Yeah, that’s happened…

But college is the time in my life when it’s my turn to create my own life; yes, I’ll always be a part of my parents’ life. There’s no question that my family of four will always be it’s own little, perfect unit, regardless of where we’re located or what life brings. But as I get older, it’s time for me to start define myself on my own–as Megan. Not as Neil and Julie’s daughter, or Lauren’s little sister. And the strangest part? It’s so darn hard because they’re the biggest part of my life. But that’s why you’ve got four years of college to figure it out (or five… sorry Mom and Dad $$$), and so many more after that. But now’s a great time to start trying; everyone has to start somewhere.

On the note of being left out: after deciding not to go to breakfast with my roommates today (how economical of me), I just received a text from Stephanie saying that Ellen Page is sitting next to them at breakfast. Awesome. I love my life, I love my life, I love my life (if you say it enough, it comes true right?). But in all seriousness: I do love my life.

Happy Sunday 🙂



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