Monday Shmunday

“What are the strongest days of the week?”

“Saturday and Sunday. The rest are weakdays.”

I’ve decided that Mondays ain’t got nothin’ on me. But in all seriousness: why does the entire human population hate Monday so much? Maybe it’s because I’m in college and I only have class from 10:00am-11:50am–although I leave early (I’m kidding, Mom. Put the phone down)– and from 6:00pm-8:50pm. With a huge chunks of time in between classes to sleep (and eat) my day away, I can’t quite figure out why Monday is seemingly so horrifying. Yes, horrifying.

I know the weekend is over (I promise it’ll come back), but the sooner you get up and start your Monday, the sooner it’s over, and the sooner you can draw that giant, red X through the middle of that first day of the work week on your calendar; not to mention, the sooner Monday starts, the closer you are Tuesday (and Wednesday… and Thursday… and FRIDAY!). I’m not saying it’s my favorite day of the week–actually, it’s probably my least favorite now that I’m sitting here thinking about how much better every other day is–but I definitely don’t mind it. Maybe it’s my constant “let’s start life over” mentality (see my first blog post; aka the reason I’m blogging), but there’s something refreshing and new about Mondays.

I mean, come on, your boss can’t yell at your for falling asleep at your cubical because guess what? So is everyone else. In fact, (s)he is probably too busy recovering from her/his weekend that (s)he may not even notice if you show up. But because you’re the fabulous employee that you are, show up and think of it as the start to a new week; maybe you just need to reconsider your perspective. I think Mondays would be a lot easier if they were just braved and taken on with valor and perseverance. I think Mondays would be a lot easier if they were started by hitting the snooze button, brewing a large pot of an extra bold roast, and popping a few Advil for good measure. I guess I really don’t like Mondays…

Hey, at least it’s over.



One comment on “Monday Shmunday

  1. […] paint, a little more wine and some fabulous conversation, and that makes for about as good of a Monday evening as any. Definitely beats watching the Bachelorette… live. I can’t stand the […]


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