my sister >>>>>>

You know those people who you love unconditionally and would do anything for… but they drive you absolutely nuts? And I’m talking like pulling your own hair, face in your pillow, kicking and screaming nuts? Yeah, well I have one of those, and she’s my 22 year old sister: Lauren. And if you have siblings (or if you’re married), you understand the incredible amount of love and annoyance that someone can bring you–all at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s great. She continually shows me who I want to be, what to strive for, and what I am capable of; she pushes me to push myself–the greatest gift she’s given me. I’m so thankful that I was given the opportunity to live with such a unique and fun person for the first 16 years of my life; I’m not saying it always went smoothly, but it went. I’ve learned so much from her, both about myself and about others, and my relationship with Lauren has played a huge role in shaping me into who I am at this very moment. I would, without a doubt, be a different person without her. I’ll only say it once, so listen up, Lauren: thank you.


Like most siblings, we fought. And fought, and fought, and fought. And we still fight–constantly. My mom always said growing up (and I think she’s still praying for it): it’ll get better when you’re old–you’ll get over your differences and appreciate each other. But does it get better? I mean…

I’m joking–it absolutely does. Yes, we’re different. So different. But regardless of these differences, she clearly loves my clothes (I guess that’s a compliment?). But now that I’m living 346 miles from her (yes, she’s living the dream: 22 and at home–no shame), I don’t really care about those differences because above all things, I miss her. Now I don’t miss people telling me how beautiful she is all the time (you can imagine the slash to one’s ego), but nonetheless, life isn’t the same without her. I also don’t miss her taking my clothes (clearly it doesn’t bug me; I’ve only mentioned it twice…), me aimlessly trying to compete with her at CrossFit (emphasis on aimlessly), and her controlling the conversation at the dinner table (I still can’t get a full story in–even when I’m visiting).

But nonetheless, she’s amazing and beautiful, one of a kind, and an imperfectly perfect human being. I am blessed to call her my seester (I use that to beckon her on the reg), and I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else. Disclaimer: maybe Jennifer Lawrence; but I guess Lauren and Lawrence are interchangeable–at least Ms. D.G. thought so. Can’t wait to see you this weekend, sissy. Please try not to look too gorgeous; it’s really just embarrassing for me. Love you.



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