Thirteen Years Strong

never forget

September 11, 2001 is forever ingrained in my mind, as well as the minds of millions of Americans. I was only seven years old, in second grade, and had no idea the impact that this day would have on the United States. Here we are, thirteen years later, and the same gut wrenching, sickening, ill feeling comes to my body when I reflect on the events of this day in 2001. I am blessed with a phenomenal family–many of whom are firefighters, and having two parents work for the fire department is truly an eye-opening experience; 9/11 has made it evident that my father does not go to work without risk. So many public safety members (and troops) in this world put their lives on the line–every, single day. So today, exactly thirteen years after this nation’s most devastating attack, I say: thank you for being brave, dedicated heroes. This world is graced by your service and pride.

FDNY 343

Never Forget

September 11, 2001


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