A Weak End to the Weekend

I’m pretty sure that Sunday isn’t even part of the week anymore, and I’m pretty sure that a one-day weekend doesn’t even constitute as a weekend. But as scarce as my free time may be, I do my best to make the most of it (and yes, that often means sleeping). After (seemingly) endless trips to the boathouse these past few days, I finally took a (far too short) 36 hour break from my responsibilities and had some good ol’ college fun (and no, I don’t mean partying–who has the energy for that?!). Saturday night was yet again another football game for my boys in cardinal and gold, and a true Trojan never misses an opportunity to support and represent the Trojan family! So as tired as my little butt was, I showered up, threw on some clothes, and moseyed on over to the Coliseum. The result? Me looking like an absolute soccer mom (it was totally the visor that did me in), one incredible $9 (and super long!) turkey dog, being tossed up in the air after our final touchdown (if there aren’t photos, did it really even happen?), and a big WIN over the Oregon State Beavers. I’m already pumped for next week’s game; bring it Arizona. This is football season.

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Sunday morning (if it even existed) consisted of me grouchily rolling out of (Stephanie’s) bed and painfully making my way to Malibu (I know–rough life). Stephanie and I studied for about a grand total of three seconds before finding an amazing little hole in the wall shack to grab sandwiches and a fun street fair in Venice to further waste our precious time. (Side note: The food bet is over between me and Steph as I practically made her eat out because she was driving me nuts. We called it even and have slowly been reintroducing ourselves to LA’s gourmet culinary offerings.)

turkey_melted_my_heart malibu_country_kitchen sunny_day

On the way home we stopped at Trader Joe’s to grab some necessities for the week (aka pumpkin flavored everything and chia seeds–pretty much how I’m alive right now) and made our way back to South Central. And just like that, my nonexistent weekend was just that: nonexistent. In other news: Stephanie is now sick as a dog and wailing in bed across the hall (hang in there, kiddo), Alyssa is stressed over a project due tomorrow (you got it–promise, promise), Karina is as collected and mild tempered as always (so jealous), and I just threw away a half jar of Nutella. If I have even just one more spoonful, my body will literally explode from a hazelnut and cocoa overdose. Keep doing your thang, friends! (Even if it means throwing out that Nutella) -Megan


2 comments on “A Weak End to the Weekend

  1. Shauna841505 says:

    You threw out Nutella?!?!? Craaaaaay. PS: LOVE sandwich shacks. Gotta try that place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meli says:

      Shauna, I had to! It was ruining my life. If you and Brendan ever find your way down here, let me know! Oh and bring that other kid (the golfer) with you 😉


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