Thanks Mom and Dad… Again (!!)

No matter how old I get, my parents are continually saving my hinny. Even when I’m two decades old. And in college. And have moved out of the house. And live 346 miles away. All on their dime, nonetheless. Hundreds of thousands of dimes, to be exact. I (literally) could not live without them.

I borrowed a friend’s hat last semester; I ended up bringing it back home to Northern California, assuming its return wasn’t urgent. It came time for school, she still hadn’t asked for it, and since my car was filled to the brim with all of my (un)necessary crap, I decided that there wasn’t room for another brim (weak pun, I know, but it’s Friday) . So I left it. And looking back, obviously it was a stupid decision. Because what happened? She texted me this week.

“Hey girl, can I get my hat back?”

“Yeah, of course! When do you need it?”

*anxiety onsetting, eyes glued to her bouncing text bubble, praying it doesn’t say: Uh, like yesterday*

“Oh whenever, just by this weekend.”

… Well, phew, but oh goodness…

So I did what I do when I don’t know what to do (the confusion in that sentence accurately demonstrates my frame of mind in that moment): I called Jules. She’s basically my hero. And a saint (when she’s not mad about my messy room). And basically my life. She called my dad and had him Express Mail it to me. Mother of the Year Award 2014, for sure. Did I mention she now has her diploma? Shoutout to Julie for getting her Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Administration! I guess that means my ‘first generation college student’ scholarships are about to be revoked… oh, wait… they’re not existent.

But back to this package. When I opened this glorious box that came straight to my door at 10am sharp the next morning (and $44.95 later, might I add–daddy loves me), it wasn’t just the hat. Oh no. My family wouldn’t be my family if they only gave me what I needed; they give me what I need, what they think I need (that I don’t know I need), and even what I don’t need (and sometimes what I want). And not just in care packages, but in love, faith and every other facet of this crazy adventure that I’ve decided to label as life.

My AMAZING and COMFORTING and TOTALLY FATTENING magical box of goodies included: an adorable card written by the famous Lauren Linney (aka my boo-thang), a new Reebok Crossfit tank, Crossfit Cadence decals (my computers about to get a serious lid lift), Swedish Fish (they may or may not be gone already), and–the biggest surprise–a baker’s dozen of the world famous Gunther’s chocolate chip cookies (those may or may not be definitely gone). It was the perfect mix of the people and places that I miss so dearly back home; it takes me back to summer workouts and late day brunches and all of the people that make my life so beautiful and blessed.


Oh, and the hat was in there, too. I know you were concerned.

Thank you Daddy, Mommy and Lauren for being so thoughtful and taking such good care of your babygirl. You’re an amazing #trio and I can’t wait for the #quad to be reunited in a few short weeks.

Keep it comin. I can never get enough of you people.



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