Throwback to a Throwdown

Since it’s Thursday (and since I’m on a charter bus to Sacramento with 40+ twenty-something-year-old girls and have absolutely nothing better to do), I’m going to take this opportunity to be completely original and do something that no one has ever done before: throw it back. The two girls next to me are currently discussing an upcoming wedding, which naturally makes me want to go to a wedding. But again, since it’s Thursday, I’ll throw it back to a wedding instead.


Who doesn’t love a good photobooth?

On September thirteenth, one of my absolute best friends in this world married the love of her life. Katie is probably the boldest and most unique individual to ever grace the planet. She is who she is, and she isn’t afraid to be herself—100% of the time. Which is great considering that she’s an incredible human being; she’s so witty, too sarcastic for her own good, sharp as a tack and more than anything, she cares so so deeply for others.

After just about the craziest week of my life, I somehow made my way up to my favorite family spot—Trinity Alps Resort—for a beautiful wedding weekend. Although I missed the rehearsal dinner (Megan missed a meal… I know right?!) I woke up on the riverbank of the Stuart’s Fork River to the sound of rushing water below my porch. If that’s not heaven, then I don’t even want to go.

Yes, it was nice to escape the sometimes-overbearing Los Angeles (more times than not), but that’s not why the weekend was so amazing. Family is my everything, and being able to share such a beautiful (and not to mention life-changing) event with them means so much to me. Katie, I would walk across the country barefoot, in the middle of December, wearing nothing but a bikini if it meant being able to see you marry the love of your life. Crazy? Maybe. But it’s my responsibility. For the amount of support and love that my family has given me in my twenty years, I owe it to them to be there. They’re my mains, and they always will be.

meganandkatieKatie and Chris’ wedding was the first of 24 grandkids in my family, and I cannot wait for the next bajillion weddings in the next 15 years. The weirdest part is that one of the them will probably be mine…

This is getting too weird. And with that: goodnight. Let me go have nightmares about how fast I’m growing up and how I’m basically officially old. AH.

Stay young, friends.



2 comments on “Throwback to a Throwdown

  1. Shauna841505 says:

    If you’re old, I’m ancient. 😉 Don’t be afraid of getting married, it was the best day of my life! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Meli says:

    You’re the hottest looking 30 year old I know! And obviously you’ll be a bridesmaid 🙂


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