Selfless Sunday


If you sit by the sea, it’s easy to see,

it’s so much greater than just you and me.

It’s 2014, a time filled with incredibly advanced technology and just about every social media platform. We’re more connected than we’ve ever been, and information is readily accessible at any given moment (except when you’ve got that 1x extended network driving down I5… literally the worst). But–like anything–the great benefits of social media come with consequences, too. The biggest one? Narcism. We’re in an age when every age (5 year olds have iPhones… um, what?) thinks that everyone else cares about them and what they’re doing at every moment. So much so, that “Selfie Sunday,” is actually a thing. Human kind, these are the times (along with a few others) when I’m embarrassed to say that I’m a member of this species.

So given it’s Sunday (and given that Stephanie’s birthday is tomorrow), I decided to take a new approach to Sundays: Selfless Sunday. Today isn’t about me. It’s about Stephanie; it’s about the drivers in front of me and behind me (no honking today, for a change), the barista at Starbucks, and every other person that isn’t me. Too often in this life do we use words like: I, me, my and mine. We need to start frequenting words like: you, your, yours, and theirs. I am constantly thinking about how all 7+ billion people coexist on this planet, yet how individually motivated we all are. We have so so much strength as one–as humanity. But if we’re constantly walking this earth alone, then we’re ignoring one of the greatest and most inspirational gifts that we’ve been given as humans: unity.

After getting home from Sacramento last night (this morning) around 2am and not getting some much needed sleep, I (unhappily) got up this morning to have a “Stephanie Day” in Malibu. That alone is probably more selfless than I am on any other given day. We did “the usual” and made our way to the farmers’ market where Steph slyly informed me that Patrick Dempsey was buying produce with his two kids. Let me repeat that: Patrick Dempsey. I know, I know. Calm yourselves. I would post a photo of us together buying some bougie organic celery or something, but I decided that, well: it’s not about me. He was shopping with his kids at the local farmers’ market; in no way is that my place to interrupt his serene Sunday morning. When I’m famous someday (clearly it’s Daydream Sunday, too), I would hate people constantly disturbing my everyday life. I didn’t want to be that person. So, you’ll just have to take my word for it when I tell you that the name ‘McDreamy’ is so unbelievably appropriate.

After catching the breath that Patrick Dempsey so effortlessly took away, we moseyed on down to the beach. As we admired the mansions that line the shore of this beautiful, golden coast, we hit the panic button thinking about about how disheveled and uncertain our futures are; basically, we know exactly what we want (houses in Malibu), but we have no idea how to get there (uh… Patrick Dempsey?). But with the combo of one anxious almost-22-year-old and one self-proclaimed motivational speaker (I like to talk? What?), we somehow manage to talk each other off the ledge. We eventually decided that the only thing more important than our futures was figuring out what was for lunch (we ain’t missin no meals); in the spirit of Selfless Sunday, we decided on shellfish.


Stephanie’s birthday dinner was equally as selfless because no animals were harmed in the process of its consumption; Real Food Daily has the best vegan food. Their service? Insanely slow. But their food is literally unReal (Food Daily). I’d write the waiter a bad review about how awful he was, but if he was perfectly attentive, then his world would have revolved around me for the hour and a half that I was at the restaurant. And today isn’t about me… So I’ll just leave it at that.

Shout out to my incredible cousin Kellie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEAUTIFUL! Twenty-four never looked so fabulous. I love you beyond words.

Keep doing you, even though it’s not always all about you.



6 comments on “Selfless Sunday

  1. Shauna841505 says:

    I must tell you that before “Selfies” were a thing, we still took them. We just couldn’t delete them on a digital camera or phone, so we had to wait until the film was developed to say, “OH.MY.GOD, when did I grow a third chin?!” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. pandorasaltereg0 says:

    Amazing. You are so beautiful, beautiful picture. Really enjoyed reading. Love x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Meli says:

    I completely agree! Passions are for following 🙂


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