Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Blogging makes me happy. Like so happy.  Like to the point where I can’t even talk about it (actually, I can’t shut about it, as this post will show). What gets me through most of my life these days is knowing that each day is going to end with my exhausted booty plopped on my bed surrounded by an excessive number of Apple products doing what I love doing most: blogging.

It’s been almost three months since I’ve started [insert title here]–people are still cluelessly asking if I’ve thought of a title yet–and since I’ve done so, I am a completely different person. And I don’t mean that in the dramatic, “OMG, this blog changed my life because I’ve never had real feelings or thoughts before,” type stuff. I mean, I am genuinely a happier and more content person since I started putting my thoughts on paper my hard drive. Everyday I wake up and think to myself: I wonder what will inspire me to blog today. But the greatest feeling is being sure that something will; something always does. I am so #blessed.

I’ve started paying closer attention to all of the small details of my life–from 5:30am bike rides to practice, to listening to others’ conversations in the Starbucks line (…creepin?). But since I’ve become more attuned to my surroundings, I’ve also come to be more grateful for very essence of my life and all of the little things that make it so breathtakingly beautiful.

This morning I posted a photo to Instagram and Facebook and–for the first time–included a link to my blog. I’ve had over 130 views today alone; I’m completely overwhelmed! It means the world to me knowing that I’m writing for more eyes than just my own (and my mother’s, obviously). And although it’s 100% impossible, I hope that you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

This next week, I challenge you to take just 30 seconds out of your day to recognize one thing that you’re thankful for in your life. I guarantee you’ll be blown away by the number of incredible, minute moments that–together–create your complex, everyday world.

Today, I’m thankful for you; you’re awesome and inspiring in every way.

Keep doing you, kiddo.




2 comments on “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

  1. Shauna841505 says:

    Ahhhh you’re welcome….hehe. I did love that you posted a link to your post on FB. I think you should do that more often. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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