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It’s officially November! I’m not sure how it could ‘unofficially’ be November, but regardless…

Although I’m sad to see October go, I’m already counting down the days until Thanksgiving (my absolute favorite holiday). With no question as to why:

  1. The food.
  2. I get to escape this hellhole of Los Angeles for a few days. Okay, it’s not (that) bad, but it’s not my home and it never will be. (Sorry Steph)
  3. The food.
  4. Five days with my amazing family (and a few special others *wink, wink*). Unbeatable.
  5. I can pretend for a day that it’s cold enough to wear scarves and boots while we take family photos. This West Coast girl can dream of an East Coast fall, can’t she?

TWENTY-SEVEN DAYS. Twenty-seven of the longest days of my life.

And every year I’m anxious for it to finally be Thanksgiving; but all I do in anticipation of this (perfect) holiday is wait. Sure, when I’m home I help my mom with food prep, cooking, baking, house decorating and running errands (that makes it sound like I do a lot, but I’m pretty sure I just get in the way), but I don’t feel like I do anything meaningful to get ready for the real meaning of Thanksgiving: giving thanks.

So, I’m going to do my best to focus my blog (so, basically my life) this month on being thankful, noticing the countless ways that I’m blessed and letting others know how grateful I am for their presence and purpose. And as I take the time to recognize what I’m thankful for, I really encourage you to do the same. If I’m blessed (an average girl struggling through life as a poor college student), then you’re blessed; you just have to look for it.

Today, I’m thankful for all of you (again!). You’ve graciously taken time out of your busy day to hear a snippet of what I have to say. You’ll never know how much it means to me. So from the bottom of my heart to you: thank you. You’ve blessed my life.

I want to show my gratitude this November (not just with my words), and I want you to help! For every follower I get this month, I’ll donate a can of food to a local Thanksgiving food drive. I may be poor, but never too poor to give back. Shout out to my grandma for being my first November follower today; this first can is for you and Milo, Granikins.

You do you, I’ll do me, and together we’ll do something incredible.




2 comments on “Follow to Feed

  1. Linneyfour says:

    We can’t wait to have you home! We miss you like crazy, but know that this is the journey you were meant to travel. Keep doing you, so we can keep watching you.

    Liked by 1 person

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