Nature is My Nurture

I woke up this morning at 8am on my own (which never happens), and although I’m crediting it mostly to the time change, I’m also fairly certain that it was due to my undeniable urge to go hiking. Being in LA gives me such a diverse variety of things to do and see, but one thing that I truly miss? Walking a quarter of a mile and being able to smell the trees, hear rushing water and feel like I’m a part of something much, much greater.

Instead, I take a 30 minute bus ride to the Port of Los Angeles every morning and get to see this breathtaking view.


Photo Credit: Lauren Hanano

Complaints? None. It’s just a different kind of beautiful. One that no camera or canvas could ever do justice. Now, the workout that follows this incredible sight? Also breathtaking, but far less enjoyable.

There’s something majestic about being in the heart of the forest, smushed between two mountains, standing atop layers and layers of pure, untouched, organic earth. Even a (sometimes) high-maintenance, city-living girl like me can appreciate the sacredness of the outdoors. How can you not? There’s no better detox than a weekend in the woods or a sail through the sea to remind yourself that you’re just a speck in this remarkable world. Every stress or worry that you ever had is so minuscule–virtually nonexistent. Nature shows me that nothing matters more than me and my happiness. Because when the sun sets, that’s all I’ll have.


Trinity Lake, CA

(the drought is real, people)

So let’s forget about this ancient (and overly argued) debate of nature versus nurture. Maybe I’m nurtured by nature because nature is my nurture. Take that Locke and Hobbes.

Today, I’m thankful for the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees (except the Stanford ones), the birds, the bees and the never-ending seas. I’m obsessed with every inch of this planet and I’ll never, ever get enough.

I’m also thankful for doctors who give face stitches at 3am; no, it wasn’t me, but a rather large headache nonetheless (literally).

Keep doing you.



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