iPhone Shattered (My Heart)

Sometimes I get these weird feelings–feelings I can’t really explain. And if I could describe them to you in normal terms, then that would mean that terms exist for these feelings, which would also mean that others have them, too, making them not all that weird. But there aren’t terms for them, so bear with me as I try and explain these weird, tingling sensations.

I guess you could call it a sixth sense. I think things before people say them, and have a constant inkling for things that happen, before they happen. Examples: I was walking to a football game a few weeks ago and said, “I’m pretty sure my shoes are going to break today.” They were an new pair of Steve Madden sandals, and I don’t know a single person that doesn’t have full faith in a new pair of Stevens (not that I’ve ever asked). But what prompted me to say that? I have no idea. But you can guess how it ends: the minute I set foot in the Coliseum, the toe strap broke, leaving me hobbling around as I dodged the 60,ooo+ people who were drunkenly roaming around the stadium. Instant Saturday squasher.


And then last week my mom called and said she ordered me a new iPhone (!!!) because mine is currently on a steady decline with this iOS 7. Clearly 4s’ just can’t hang with all of this new technology. I thought to myself, “I’ve had this phone for over two years. With my luck I’ll break this guy just before I get my new one.” So, what happened? Spoiler alert: peak to the right. I had just gotten home from voting (clearly God didn’t like my selections or He wouldn’t have punished me with a shattered phone), and as I went to put my phone in my pocket, BOOM. It slid down my shirt and landed (not so) gracefully on the oh-so-cushiony concrete. I picked it up, and as I turned it over, there it was: a shattered phone, and my shattered heart.

Coincidence? Maybe. But I think crediting coincidence is just an excuse for signs and intended situations. What do I mean? It’s mind over matter. What you think, you become. I thought of a broken shoe, and there it was; I was scared to shatter my iPhone, and now I have the spiderman effect affecting all of my texts (well that’s a tongue twister). I guess my shoe was supposed to break and my phone to shatter. Why? Lord knows (literally). But it happened, it’s over, I now have a dysfunctional Steve Madden and a 4s that likes to greet my hand with small shards of glass. Awesome.

So, think positively, keep a smile on your beautiful face (just because!), and if I ever tell you to do something, do it. I obviously have an inkling that’s worth listening to. (That goes for you, too, Lauren!)

Keep doing you.



2 comments on “iPhone Shattered (My Heart)

  1. Shauna841505 says:

    Maybe it shattered because there’s no case on it? Hehe just teasing. God probably just knows that you were getting a new one, so he wanted to test your patience. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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