Pubicly Embarrassed


Either my L key is broken or public libraries have gotten pretty freaky in the last 10 years. And no, spell check clearly doesn’t check for words being used in the correct context. At least I hope not…

The last post I published had the world’s most horrifying typo. And I don’t mean ‘as’ got typed as ‘ass’ or ‘but’ had an extra ‘t’ thrown on the end to indicate my rumpus. I mean embarrassing to the degree that instead of ‘public library,’ I wrote ‘pubic library.’ Yes, you read that correctly this time. PUBIC. And no need to go back and check, I already fixed it. But trust me, it was there.

The state of my well-being when I realized this? (Thanks for the message, Aunt Sue) In shambles. I cried my eyes out for a solid 6 minutes and then realized a multitude of things:

  • I really need to hire an editor (Sorry Steph, you’re slacking)
  • Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s absolutely okay
  • It’s a bigger deal to me than it ever will be to anyone else
  • I’m only human

And that last one, I think, is probably the biggest one for us to remember–in all aspects of life. We’ll never be perfect, and holding ourselves up to the standard of perfection just starts our day off on the wrong foot. The mere fact that we say “we’re only human” is astonishing to me. Only human. Do we realize how amazing it is that we are human? That’s like saying “I’m only dating George Clooney,” or “All I’ve done with my life is cure cancer.” Yeah, okay. Nbd. Give yourselves some credit, people! You’re doing amazing things, and I’m so proud.

On that note, I’m still sitting here with my tail between my legs as I relive each of you reading my last post when it was published. And no matter how much I try and validate that it’s okay to make mistakes, it’s still going to haunt me for the rest of my life. But as my bf told me when dealing with the Megan aftermath of this situation (and by bf I mean best friend, obvi), “It’ll be a pretty great story to tell Ellen when she asks about your most awkward moment.” So yes, you’re absolutely right, but A. I guarantee by then I’ll (unfortunately) have even more awkward moments. And B. If I ever make it to Ellen, then this little mishap will be greatly overshadowed by whatever it is that got me on Ellen… [insert ways to success and stardom here].

So bottom line: yes, I make mistakes–we all do. But I’m okay with that because it mean’s that I’m 100% human; I have a beating heart and nothing but the best intentions. I’m going to continue to make mistakes throughout my life, and I’m just going to take those mistakes as signs that I’m trying. If I wasn’t doing what I love (blogging), I wouldn’t be making typos, but I also wouldn’t be getting joy and fulfillment out of doing what brings me (and hopefully you) so much happiness.

Bottom line #2: be CAREFUL. Proofread your work, check who’s in that group text before you send your messages (we all know how that one ends) and watch what you say and who you say it around. Make sure you don’t insult the weird cheese dish at your company Christmas party while standing next to Betty, your secretary (it’s probably her mother’s recipe) and don’t make fun of anything you find in your mother’s closet before St. Nick comes; odds are, it’s probably one of your presents (yes, it’s happened).

Foot in mouth moments are inevitable, but let’s try to make sure that when they do happen, our toes are nicely pedicured (preferably in festive colors) and our teeth are brushed and flossed.

Keep doing you, and try to keep your feet below the waist if at all possible.



4 comments on “Pubicly Embarrassed

  1. Shauna841505 says:

    Ugh horrible. I hate typos!! But when you’re on Ellen, I’m sure she’ll appreciate pubic libraries. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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