Faux Monday is Un-faux-tunately Real


–happiness comes from within–

So, it’s Tuesday. But it feels like Monday. But it’s Tuesday. Which is good considering I only have a three day school week, but bad considering I have a midterm tomorrow that I have yet to start studying for (sorry, Mom). Hello coffee and late night cramming… both essentials in the diet of a (healthy) college kid.

And I’m sitting here in this chilly classroom (thanks to the overly used AC–welcome to LA) knowing that the second I exit the building I’ll walk outside to a constant 77 degrees and the warmth of the sun on my (far-too-fair) skin. In February. February. It’s actually insane how warm it is here in the “heart of winter,” and mildly concerning (no pun intended). But that’s a wholeeeee different can barrel of worms. And I refuse to politicize my blog, so I’ll refrain from any mention of the big GW. And not George Washington (although, it is Presidents’ Weekend). Hint: I’m (not) talking about global warming. So that’s that. But if you’re wondering there are just about 8 million cars on the road in LA alone… So… Causation? Okay, okay. I’m done, I promise.

But I think the weirdest part about today is that I’m sitting in my Tuesday classes on what is seemingly a Monday. And it makes me think: am I so stuck in this rigid schedule that ru(i)ns my life that I’m not flexible enough to make even the most simple of changes? The answer to that is: yes. Yes, I do live on a schedule; yes, I do thrive on a schedule. But that doesn’t mean that I should always have to stick to that schedule. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more flexible with life–to let go and to just ‘be’. It’s only February (thank goodness), and I’m still working on it, but I’m trying. I’m conscious of my faults, and I’m working on them. And sometimes, that counts more than the successes and results.

Major success of today: I actually got dressed this morning after practice. Not that I run around without clothes on (it’s not that warm), but I wore something besides workout clothes (don’t worry, I’m in some form of lulus–the world is still round). And you know what? Just that put a smile on my face and made my day a little better. We never know what life is going to throw at us (like a 2k), but find something in your day that’ll help put a smile on your face; do something–even if it’s just something small–to make everyday a good day (even Mondays). Wake up 10 minutes early to have your cup of coffee (or tea) at home and read through the daily headlines before work, or pack one of your favorite snacks for lunch to brighten up your busy and chaotic day. It may be a faux Monday today, but it’s always your real life. Ask yourself how you deserve to be treated and then treat yourself better than that–you underestimate your worth and your immeasurable value to this world.

Happy FAT TUESDAY! Go eat your little hearts out with all that food you’ll be deprived of for the next 40 days and 40 nights.

#catholicgirldiet #theguiltofGod

Keep doing you because this club is definitely going up on a Tuesday.



2 comments on “Faux Monday is Un-faux-tunately Real

  1. Shauna841505 says:

    The Catholic guilt is real.

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