Look Back At It | Look Back At It

You’re busy. I’m busy (like so busy I don’t even have time to breathe). And everyone around you is busy (I promise that’s why he hasn’t called yet). We’re all busy, all the time. We’re so busy. So busy worrying about that midterm next week (true story) or that big meeting with our boss on Monday (good luck!) that we can’t wait to get through whatever it is that we’re doing (except reading this post, of course) so that we can move on to the next thing (unless it’s my next post, obvi). We go through our days just wishing it would be 5pm so we can go home, make a healthy dinner and get to bed early eat something out of the freezer that seems (halfway) edible and stay up way too late watching Netflix. And don’t even get me started on worrying about the distant future (AKA what am I currently doing with my life and how in the world am I ever going to amount to even a resemblance of someone “successful?” Eeeeek…). And although we’re constantly looking ahead and charging towards our (daunting) futures, we can’t forget to turn around every once and a while to see how far we’ve come.


–your past does not destroy you, it strengthens you–

We tirelessly tell ourselves that we aren’t perfect; we aren’t pretty enough, smart enough, skinny enough, successful enough, and no matter what we do, we “could have done something different or better.” We’re so quick to criticize ourselves for our shortcomings that we forget to stop, glance back at our past and look at the successes—both major and minor—that we’ve had along the way.

I love blogging, but by no means is it paying the bills (#lifegoals). But if I think back through the times between now and when I started my blog last August, I’ve:

  1. Actually learned how to use the internet (No, I am not a functioning member of my “techy” generation)
  2. Become great better at taking criticism (Usually much needed–thank you, Steph)
  3. Pushed myself to be vulnerable (Recall: pubic library. Enough said)
  4. Created something that I am in love with and am so proud of (Yes, inanimate love is real)

Eight months ago, I was far less skilled, far more scared and completely inexperienced in the blogging world. And it’s easy to say that I’m insignificant; it’s easy to discount my (and my blog’s) value to the world—even to the (small, yet mighty) blogging community. But if I think of all the progress that I have made—the smiles and laughs that I’ve (hopefully) induced and the love and self-confidence that (I’m praying) I’ve spread—then how am I not successful? How am I not of value?

I used to think that impacting the world meant making changes that benefited millions of people (hence I’m studying Public Policy and Political Science). But the more I write and the more I let myself discover and be discovered, the more I realize that being impactful and having purpose isn’t about changing the world; it’s about changing someone’s world—even if that’s your own.

I just want to say thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Whether it’s for first time (I hope you come back!) or you were my first reader (I’m talking to you, Mom), you make writing worth it for me; you’re the reason I sit down to my computer (not to mention stay up late) and frantically punch away at my keyboard. I hope it’s even half as delightful and fulfilling for you to read as it is for me to write. So much love and positive vibes being sent your way, from me to you, always.

Keep doing you, and keep pushing forward. But don’t forget to take a quick peek behind you along the way. The newest version of you is stunning and unbelievable, but the older versions of you aren’t so bad, either. Use them as milestones and always remember your successes and achievements along your #blessed and #beautiful journey of life.



4 comments on “Look Back At It | Look Back At It

  1. Shauna841505 says:

    You’re amazing!!!!!!! 🙂

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