Melon Mo(u)rning

RIP: Cantaloupe. You were a refreshing and fun part of my summer (and spring) menu, and I’m sad to see you go. However, we simply don’t get along very well, and I’m better off without you. No matter how juicy and perfect and sweet you may be, I know it’s best if we aren’t friends. It’s going to be hard, but it’s a much-needed goodbye.

Saturday morning I awoke in the gorgeous San Diego (yes, it’s racing season), grabbed a cup of coffee, a bowl of fruit and The Wall Street Journal as I hopped back into my heavenly, hotel bed (there’s something about those clean white sheets). You could call that a pretty perfect morning. Unless you don’t like coffee. Or fruit. Or The Journal. Or incredible beds. But then you wouldn’t be human…

And all was fabulous and well until my throat started to itch profusely, and then my nose, and then eventually the entirety of my face. Casual, right? It happens with pineapple (my own lip-pumping, natural Botox), but now cantaloupe?! A girl just can’t catch break.

4.1.15If I’m allergic to “cantaloupe”, then it looks like I’ll have to elope.

But have no fear, I popped some Benadryl, rigged a few boats and rowed a few (too many) thousand meters. And all the while weirdly trying to scratch my throat with my tongue while simultaneously moving my jaw. Warning: it’s actually impossible. Not to mention you look like a choking buffoon.

And now, here I am, mourning the melon.

No matter how amazing that cantaloupe looked or tasted, my throat (and face) didn’t like it. Will I someday eat another cantaloupe? Duh. (How could I not?) Yet, I know it’s unwelcome inside my (annoyingly picky) body. But how is that? How is it that we can knowingly do something dangerous–something with known risks–and completely disregard the threat that it poses to us and our lives?

Well, because it looks so sweet.

Humans are so interesting . We often want what’s bad for us and tend to turn away from things that are so rudimentary to our health and well being. We put so many sources of toxins into our lives (not just inorganic foods), and yet we’re shy to embrace the things that help us prosper and help us to be healthier and happier.

We’re quick to swear by media gossip and to go on that fad diet because we (unfortunately) accept society’s idea of beautiful–an idea that (spoiler alert) we’ll never perfectly fit into it. We know it’s bad, and we do it anyway. Yet, when do we take a minute to simply slow down, take a break, and have a minute to ourselves? My guess: never. I definitely don’t, but I need to; you need to. It’s not easy to rid your life of the bad, but in just trying to do so, you’ll make small, yet meaningful improvements.

So take a few seconds (I promise you have like 3) from your crazy life, breathe, and remember that you control who and what you surround yourself with, how you spend your time, and whether or not your mouth is curving up or sloping down.


You’re in control, so make your life enjoyable. Make it a life that’s worth living, because it’s worth loving your life. Stay tuned for how I’m taking my own advice (there’s a first for everything) and eloping to add some fun and relaxation to my life this weekend. Hint: I’ll be somewhere gorgeous!

Keep doing you and keep some Benadryl on hand; those ragweeds pop up everywhere (literally).



2 comments on “Melon Mo(u)rning

  1. I am so sorry! 😦 And you’re right we are strange and interesting creatures.

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