Island-ed a Mini Vacay

**tap out**

That’s what I’m supposed to say, right? When I’ve overdosed on the (innumerable) stresses of life and just can’t take it anymore? And just like that, the stresses, the craziness and the unbearable pressures of life will just vanish away? I wish… But instead of tapping out (I was never really a quitter, anyway), I decided to **peace out** from LA for a few (and I mean few) hours, and hit the road.

Where to? A beautiful, beachy island surrounded by the Pacific. I know what you’re thinking: Hawaii (stay tuned–August 2015, featuring: Megan and Mai Tais). But I did say that I “hit the road,” and last time I checked, my little Honda Civic doesn’t fly (even if it is a hybrid). So where did I go? The Crowned City: Coronado! It’s a sweet little escape just off the shore of Downtown San Diego, and boy was it the perfect little mini vacation that I so needed.


My little 22 hour trip was a complete whirlwind, but oh so worth it. I ate some of the most incredible Mexican food (when in Rome on the border…), had some much needed (and life-prescribed) coffee and sweet treats in Downtown Coronado, and laid my little (stark white) booty by the resort’s pool with a drink in hand (a wannabe mai tai) and a book under my nose. I attempted to even out my unGodly unisuit tan, but that’s a much larger project than a 22 hour trip can tackle…


And all the while, as I was surrounded by this gorgeous and peaceful place, I couldn’t help but worry. About what? More like: what didn’t/don’t I worry about? I’m currently in search of a summer internship and I continually have homework pouring out my ears; I have a room patiently waiting to be cleaned, laundry smothering my carpet floor, the toughest 2 weeks of my entire rowing season on the horizon, and just 4 short weeks until I’m a college senior. I’m sorry, what?! A senior?! And I still can’t find my classrooms on the first day of classes…. #awkward

And no matter how trivial or important these things may seem to you, the point is: I couldn’t check out. I was submersed in a paradise, and I couldn’t even fully enjoy it. I was giving myself a chance to actually relax (complete rarity), and I was wasting my time (and $$$) worrying about things I had no control over in that moment or location. But this doesn’t only happen when I escape my life for a few hours; it happens when I’m simply living my life–or trying to.

I’m so busy worrying about how I’m going to finish that project due next week (worth 50% of my grade–prayers appreciated) or where I’ll end up working this summer, that I miss the present moment–the one that matters the most. And not because it’s the only one that’s guaranteed–although, there’s much truth to that–but because it’s the one that I have control over; this moment right now is the only one that I can connect with and make my own. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow or next week during my presentation or in the middle of New York (fingers crossed) this summer, but I do know what’s happening right now. And if I don’t raise my eyelids, lift my chin up and open my mind, I’m going to miss it.

Be present, embrace your surroundings and love this moment–the good, the bad, the ugly. And if you need a little reminder of unconditional love, take a look at your parents. They love you through the good and the bad (and the ugly: middle school), and thank goodness, right? Love you to the moon, Mom and Dad.

Keep doing you and always remember how beautiful and precious you and your life are.

Oh, and Happy Easter & Happy Passover! Yet another reason to celebrate this incredible and crazy journey of life.




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