Twenty-Three: My Sis and Me

Lauren and I were late bloomers. And not in the sense that we were both still wearing training bras in college (no judgement), but in the growth of our relationship. We fought often nonstop when we were younger, and we didn’t really figure out the whole ‘friends’ thing until just recently. So in keeping with the ‘late’ theme of our (mostly my) lives, this post is a day late, but:

Happy 23rd Birthday, Lauren!

Disclaimer: I really just wanted an excuse to write about my sister and how incredible she is. Because if I didn’t have an excuse, it would mean that I was voluntarily telling her how much I care about her. EEK. So I’ll play the ‘this is only an obligatory birthday post’ card.

For those of you who haven’t been blessed yet in this life to know my sister, you’re missing out. And to give you an idea of what you’re in for if she does happen to grace your presence, let me just fill you in on some of her loveliest qualities:

  • she’ll take your stuff (so lock your closet door)
  • she’ll eat your food (so guard your plate)
  • she’ll always be the star of dinner table conversation (don’t even try)
  • she’ll push you harder than you’ll ever push yourself (wanted and unwanted)
  • she’ll support you (far better than that training bra)
  • she’ll laugh at you (especially when you slam your finger in the car door…)
  • she’ll prove you wrong (about anything and everything… just because she can)
  • and she’ll show you the value and beauty of this wonderful life–just by knowing her


You’ve heard it all: a successful relationship is a two-way street, it’s give and take, it’s celebration and sacrifice and it’s ups and downs. Well, Lauren and I weren’t a two-way street (not even a oneway street), we were a Yield sign leading to a red light. There was more taking and far too little giving. There was celebration in personal gains and in making the other the human sacrifice of dinner table dilemmas. And worst of all, we got our emotional ups from putting the other down. It was no where near a functioning relationship, let alone a friendship.

And I tell you this to give you just one little thing: hope.

There’s hope in every situation, no matter how stagnant or incurable it may seem. We’ve come a long way from childhood, but the best part is: we’re just getting started. I cherish my relationship with Lauren because she’s all I have, and I couldn’t ask for a better human to share my DNA with. And yes, we’re different. Very different. But difference is something to be embraced, not ignored. After all, without differences, we are one boring group of 7+ billion.

Happy Birthday, Lauren! Twenty-three never looked so good. Cheers to many, many more.

Keep doing you, keep loving those around you (even when it’s hard), and bottoms up.



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