Miss Takes

We’re so afraid to make mistakes. To do the ‘wrong’ thing. To come to a fork in the road and pick the wrong path. Because the path less traveled is definitely more unique, heroic and mysteriously unchartered – not to mention tirelessly (and misleadingly) advertised by Mr. Frost. But the path more traveled? That’s tried and true; we know it works because so many have gone down the road before us and have been just fine. So many have taken the beaten path, the generic route, and their lives have turned out totally ok (or so it seems).

The paths we choose don’t define us, they guide us. We define what those paths entail and whether they’re full of hard work or laziness, passion or passiveness, happiness or hopelessness. The path is a general direction, but what’s ahead on that path? That’s for us to create, to innovate and to nurture. The path we choose does indeed say something about who we are, but the journeys we create on our paths tell so much more; our journeys are what define us and give every path the chance to be the right path.

miss takes

me stressing over ‘big’ life decisions, which (ironically) aren’t black and white

We don’t always have to choose the path less traveled. We don’t always have to do everything differently, just for the sake of making a famed name for ourselves. We don’t have to be unique to be successful, but we do need to be successfully unique. Our path doesn’t matter, but who we are on that path is so critical to who we want to be and to who we’re becoming. And it’s important that we make that person a good one – one with true intentions and an incredible ability to love.

I can’t say that there are no such things as mistakes, because there are (read: pubic library). But making a mistake in the path you choose, or in the million and one “important and life altering decisions” that you make when you’re a 20-something, those are the ‘mistakes’ that are harder to justify, because those are the ones that help to make you who you are. Those decisions place you on a path, and they test your ability to adapt and perform; they give you a chance to create your own unique happiness, regardless of what (un)populated path you choose.

Every choice you’ve made in your life has lead you to this moment. Every choice has helped create you into this beautiful, perfect, capable, loving human being, full of potential and promise. Every choice has lead you to this opportunity to be able to ask yourself, right now: who do you want to be? And every choice has lead you to your next choice: who will you be?

Mistakes are just a simple miss take on life and this magnificent journey.

Keep doing you and keep making those little life choices you call ‘mistakes.’  They’re pretty damn beautiful.




2 comments on “Miss Takes

  1. Your posts are very inspiring and coincide almost exactly with how I think and view life. Mistakes are lessons for me. Living a life with no mistakes is almost impossible because there is always a right and wrong path but regardless which we take, it will lead us to another path and we will end up where we are supposed to be in the end.
    Society has placed such an emphasis on going through life with no mistakes and doing things with the fear of being judged for a path you choose, but the way I look at it, do whatever the hell will make you happy! If you feel that one path is better over the other, there is a reason for that and that reason will justify itself along that path.

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  2. “The paths we choose don’t define us, they guide us” I can honestly say this has been true to my life, in every way shape and form. My reality is just this. The challenge is not letting these paths define us, or anyone else for that matter. Moving forward in my life, it is my hope to fill my journey with hard work, passion and happiness. That is not to say that I will not experience some failures, hopelessness, laziness or trauma along the way, but I am left with a choice, because it’s my life. The problem that I come run into time and time again is…myself. I think more often then not, I left fear stop me from going for, or experiencing so much that life has to offer. You are right, the path we choose is up to us to “create, innovate and nurture”. It is not the path, but the person you become, explore, and create on that journey that truly matters. Megan, thanks for inspiring me to take my own path, I will no longer (try to no longer) compare my list of internships to Brandy, or punish myself for not getting a high enough score on my entrance exam. Everything happens for a reason in life, and my path will be unique to myself.

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