March On

Happy March! How it’s the 3rd month of 2016 already, I have no idea. A check in with my 2016 resolutions: what were they again? Exactly. You could say I’m straying. We’re pretty dang far into the New Year, and yet we’re only just getting started.

So let’s circle back: How are we doing? How are things going for you, and how is 2016 taking shape? And with that – are you happy with how they’re looking?

If yes: Stop reading. You’re a god(dess) and you’re awesome and probably also not real.

If no: You’re just like me – and everyone else. Take a deep breath, and continue scrolling.

Let’s make sure we’re doing our best to kick our own a$$es and to stay on track with what we’re doing, who we’re becoming, and who we want to become. Your energy is valuable, so use it wisely; be mindful of where you invest yourself and make sure it aligns with who you want to be, and what you’re set on accomplishing. It’s not always easy, but it’s something that’s worth the constant work. It’s investing in your purpose.

I did a little self-reflection today, and I realized that a lot has changed in the last few months. I’ve finally gotten the hang of this whole “being single” thing (yes, there’s hope), I’ve gotten (slightly) better at this work/school/creativity/life balancing act, and I’ve just now figured out how to style my (3-month-old) chop. Head-turning progress? Debatable. But it’s (some form of) forward movement, so I’ll take it.

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Recap of my resolutions for this year:

  1. Sweat once a day (We’re currently at about 4-5 days a week – not half bad)
  2. Write at least 15 minutes a day (With 2 writing classes, a blog, and a job that I was hired for specifically because I write, I’m definitely hitting that quota. Next goal: 15 minutes of fulfilling writing a day. Here’s to hoping… and trying)
  3. Start each day with a compliment to myself (Current progress: LOL. Can I start tomorrow?)

So I’m like 3/10th of the way towards my goals, with some serious time (a lifetime) to continue working. But I can’t expect myself or my life to change overnight. I need work for it, I have to keep trying, and I’ve got to march on. So that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Left, left, left, right, left…

Keep working on your resolutions and marching towards those goals; you can do it.

To onward and upward things, friends.



4 comments on “March On

  1. Gus says:

    Proud of you. You got this!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your writing—it is conversationally casual/relatable but also clearly well thought out, organized, and motivational. I, too, have sorta kinda kept my new years resolutions. One of mine was to not say anything negative about myself. I realized how I was getting caught up in that stupid girl talk self deprecation stuff that so many girls engage in. (Also I wonder if guys have an equivalent to girls bonding over insecurities??) I did really well at first and noticed a huge shift in how I felt about myself and just how much energy I was wasting on negative self talk. Like you said in your post, energy is valuable and you need to be more conscious of how you spend it. In March, though, my efforts were derailed when I got offered a modeling job on the condition that I lose ten pounds. I should have said ‘fuck you no way,’ but the prospect of low time commitment and consistent income was really appealing. And I would get free yoga clothes, which is basically better than money. So I spent the next three weeks attempting to diet and my self-loving resolution crumbled. Luckily, I realized pretty quickly how stupid the whole thing was and stopped trying to lose weight, got fired from the job, and went back to worrying less about how I looked—which made me exponentially happier. But, like you said, learning to love yourself is a journey and you’ve got to be kind to yourself even when you get derailed. So here’s to a couple of perfectionists continuing to learn how to be easier on ourselves!!

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    • Megan Linney says:

      Thanks for your honest, babe! You shine! It’s. It always easy, but it’s worth loving yourself. Once you’ve done it, you realize that there’s no way else to live. I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself and for being firm in your healthy resolutions. You look great and rock your beautiful bod!!! Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently ✌🏼️❤️


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