March On

Happy March! How it’s the 3rd month of 2016 already, I have no idea. A check in with my 2016 resolutions: what were they again? Exactly. You could say I’m straying. We’re pretty dang far into the New Year, and yet we’re only just getting started.

So let’s circle back: How are we doing? How are things going for you, and how is 2016 taking shape? And with that – are you happy with how they’re looking?

If yes: Stop reading. You’re a god(dess) and you’re awesome and probably also not real.

If no: You’re just like me – and everyone else. Take a deep breath, and continue scrolling.

Let’s make sure we’re doing our best to kick our own a$$es and to stay on track with what we’re doing, who we’re becoming, and who we want to become. Your energy is valuable, so use it wisely; be mindful of where you invest yourself and make sure it aligns with who you want to be, and what you’re set on accomplishing. It’s not always easy, but it’s something that’s worth the constant work. It’s investing in your purpose.

I did a little self-reflection today, and I realized that a lot has changed in the last few months. I’ve finally gotten the hang of this whole “being single” thing (yes, there’s hope), I’ve gotten (slightly) better at this work/school/creativity/life balancing act, and I’ve just now figured out how to style my (3-month-old) chop. Head-turning progress? Debatable. But it’s (some form of) forward movement, so I’ll take it.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Recap of my resolutions for this year:

  1. Sweat once a day (We’re currently at about 4-5 days a week – not half bad)
  2. Write at least 15 minutes a day (With 2 writing classes, a blog, and a job that I was hired for specifically because I write, I’m definitely hitting that quota. Next goal: 15 minutes of fulfilling writing a day. Here’s to hoping… and trying)
  3. Start each day with a compliment to myself (Current progress: LOL. Can I start tomorrow?)

So I’m like 3/10th of the way towards my goals, with some serious time (a lifetime) to continue working. But I can’t expect myself or my life to change overnight. I need work for it, I have to keep trying, and I’ve got to march on. So that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Left, left, left, right, left…

Keep working on your resolutions and marching towards those goals; you can do it.

To onward and upward things, friends.



What the Funk?

Your batting average in your rec league has dropped to a whopping .000, no one’s boughten you a drink in weeks (one week, fine, but three weeks in a row?! what’s happening…), and you simply just don’t feel like getting out of bed and hitting that hustle (me this morning… and yesterday). Everything feels weird, and you don’t like it. I get it. Trust me. I’m in a funk. And it’s a huge one.

Like so huge – so huge that I stayed on the couch watching Netflix all day yesterday, ate an entire stack of my aunt’s sugar cookies, and had 2 hotdogs for dinner. I’m sorry, what? I know. That’s what I said when I woke up this morning thinking about yesterday’s festivities. And so, it’s definite: I’m funked up.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Can’t let a little funked-up hair ruin a sunny, LA day

But, now what?

Well, we’ve got a few options. I can tell you to shake it off and to keep pushing until you’re out of it. Or that you should do something drastically positive to pull yourself through this lull. I can also tell you that you’re stronger than your challenges and that you’re always going to persevere and be successful. I mean, you are, but that’s nothing you haven’t heard before, so that’s not really helpful, is it? At least not for me. Because funks are weird, and they make you 99.97 % immune to positivity and optimism. So here’s what I needed to hear this morning, and what has helped me through today.

[Note: today. Day by day, step by step]

You’re strong and disciplined. So, even if it feels like there’s a hiccup right now, trust in yourself that things will work out. Because they will.

And while that’s (currently) working for me, that doesn’t mean it’s a cure-all. So let’s get real with some nitty gritty help:

Time is Your Friend

We don’t usually like time. It goes too fast when we’re on vacation (spring break come sooner) or when we’re having endless amounts of fun (#college); yet it passes too slowly when we’re sitting through a boring, this-is-a-requirement-to-graduate type of class (me currently) or bearing through an awkward moment – the one’s where you’re trying to shove your entire foot (ankle included) into your mouth. Time can also be too long, when you’re missing someone important (hey, you), and then too short when it takes someone important too soon (miss you, too much). But despite our bad times with time (pun intended), it’s not always the enemy. Make peace with time and let it work for you. Your slump will be old news sooner than you can identify why you’re actually in it, but you’ve got to let it happen. Let time pass, and just be nice to it. You’ll (eventually) want it to be nice to you (and your aging skin) – trust me. You mean, I won’t be 21 (and wrinkle-free) forever?

Treat Yo-self

Grab your favorite snack, and let (your pants) loose. Despite the pressure we feel to always be on the grind, it’s ok give yourself a little extra comfort when you’re in a lull. I’m constantly struggling with food and my relationship with it; every day is a battle to see who has more power. But when I’m lagging, nothing says “I love me” like a GUILT FREE bowl of Think ‘n Creamy Mac ‘n Cheese and a box of thin mints. Indigestion and those never-to-be-counted (silly) things called calories? Those are problems for future you, but the enjoyment? That’s a pick-me-up for current you. So indulge every once and a while. You deserve it. Go, go, go! The ice cream’s calling…

Let Yourself Sulk

It’s ok to sink. It’s ok to realize you’ve hit a low and that you’re at a point that makes you uncomfortable. Being in a funk isn’t fun. It’s a weird, uncomfortable place that we often don’t know how to navigate. Which makes it totally scary. And did I mention uncomfortable? Because it’s funking uncomfortable. But sometimes it’s ok to be at (what is seemingly) rock bottom and to just sit – to realize that you’re at a low point, and to just be there, without denial, self-judgement or hate. And to realize that wherever you may be, it’s ok – that you’re ok.

Trust It

Trust is the most important thing in a relationship: true or false? Well I don’t know, considering I’m not in one, BUT, I’m confident in saying that it’s pretty funking important. It’s important not only with your S/O, but also with your funk (definitely significant, but not a S/O). So, let your funk be. Let it marinate and let it manifest (to a point). Trust that just as you’ve succeeded thus far in life, you’ll succeed in crawling out of this funk and reclaiming your life’s normalcy. I have faith. I mean, it’s Lent and all, so now’s the time.

Get Ready to Climb

I’m usually all about turning up. But at 6:12am (12 minutes into spin class), the last thing I want to hear is “give me a turn up” let alone three turns up. But I’m already awake, my shoes are clipped in, and I’ve been sweating for the past 11 and 1/2 minutes. So why the funk not? Being at a low is ok (and so is coasting those first 10 minutes of spin class), but when we’re aware that we’re off-balance, we’ve got to get ready for the uphill. Enjoy your sulk sesh, but know that you’re about to soar. Brace yourself, prepare for what’s to come, and get ready to climb. Because baby, you’re going places.

I know funks are rough, but they serve as unwanted (yet needed) reminders that our lives are full of goodness and love. If it didn’t get tough every once and a while, it’d be harder to appreciate the better moments. Or so I tell myself.

Keep doing you, pushing through, and funking it up.

Cheers to my midterm in an hour (ugh).


Executing Those To Dos

It’s the start of yet another week, and here I am in my pajamas (at 2pm), unprepared, daunted by the coming week, and completely overwhelmed by the (endless) number of things on my To Do List. Between getting papers written, reading dozens of Supreme Court cases (ew), working 20 hours a week and finding some time to simply be (and workout), it’s hard to find ways to help get it all done. There’s no way to completely be ready for what’s ahead – especially that shrieking 5am alarm – but here are a few simple tips that help me to create some calm, to organize and refocus myself, and to start tackling (and owning) my life.

Map It Out

There’s no better way to tackle your To Do List than to actually make one. Sit down, figure out exactly what you’ve got going, and write it down. No fluff, no BS, just straight up: here’s what needs to be done. It may be 3 huge (untouched) projects or a mile-long list of mini tasks. But whatever it may be, write it down. There are few things more surreal than seeing your life in writing, laying in front of you. And if you’re Type A like me and love (and live in) boxes, put little boxes next to each item so you check them off as you go. There’s something so gratifying (and empowering) about completing your goals, so set yourself up to be able to do just that.

Share Your Plans

Accountability, accountability, accountability. There’s nothing quite like a little (healthy) pressure. If you tell others of your plans, you’re more likely to execute them. Why? Because we’re all afraid of being judged. And as much I seriously cringe at the idea of succumbing to peer pressure, it can (under strict circumstances) be good for us. Share your schedule and your (newly made + beautiful) To Do List with someone who will hold you accountable and force you to work towards accomplishing all that you’ve got going on. Whether that’s your mom (hi, Mom), bestie, or significant other, make sure you’re spreading the word and letting others put some pressure on you to get your work done well and in a timely manner.

Create (+ Earn) Incentives

We all need a little motivation, right? And since I can’t always be there telling you how beautiful and capable you are (although, I wish I could), you need to find a way to propel yourself forward. Create incentives for yourself. Tell yourself that you can buy those new sunnies only if you finish that big project, or that you can grab a drink with friends when the laundry is done, you’ve sent out those job applications and you’ve gotten that sweat sesh in. That way when you finish your To Dos, you’re rewarded with not only checking off the boxes on your list (so fun), but with things that you’ve earned. It’s more gratifying when you deserve your rewards – plus you get your (dreaded) tasks done in the process. We call that a win-win. And a good, fashionable night out.

Believe in Yourself

The biggest key to getting all your *ish* accomplished is: have some faith. Up until now, you’ve figured it out, gotten it done, and made it out (mostly) alive. This time is no different. Take a deep breath and remember that you are your most powerful tool. You may not be able to accomplish everything all at once, but start with steps. Life’s a journey, and so is your To Do List. You’re in charge of your life, so act like it. Chin up, head down, and know that you’re destined to do incredible things. I believe in you – now it’s your turn.

Make your list, share your needs, reward yourself (within reason) along the way, and know that you can do it. Because guess what? You absolutely can. Drop me a line if you need to walk off a ledge. Always here to help.

Keep doing you, beauty.


Pictured below: Executing my To Dos (with conviction)

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Miss Takes

We’re so afraid to make mistakes. To do the ‘wrong’ thing. To come to a fork in the road and pick the wrong path. Because the path less traveled is definitely more unique, heroic and mysteriously unchartered – not to mention tirelessly (and misleadingly) advertised by Mr. Frost. But the path more traveled? That’s tried and true; we know it works because so many have gone down the road before us and have been just fine. So many have taken the beaten path, the generic route, and their lives have turned out totally ok (or so it seems).

The paths we choose don’t define us, they guide us. We define what those paths entail and whether they’re full of hard work or laziness, passion or passiveness, happiness or hopelessness. The path is a general direction, but what’s ahead on that path? That’s for us to create, to innovate and to nurture. The path we choose does indeed say something about who we are, but the journeys we create on our paths tell so much more; our journeys are what define us and give every path the chance to be the right path.

miss takes

me stressing over ‘big’ life decisions, which (ironically) aren’t black and white

We don’t always have to choose the path less traveled. We don’t always have to do everything differently, just for the sake of making a famed name for ourselves. We don’t have to be unique to be successful, but we do need to be successfully unique. Our path doesn’t matter, but who we are on that path is so critical to who we want to be and to who we’re becoming. And it’s important that we make that person a good one – one with true intentions and an incredible ability to love.

I can’t say that there are no such things as mistakes, because there are (read: pubic library). But making a mistake in the path you choose, or in the million and one “important and life altering decisions” that you make when you’re a 20-something, those are the ‘mistakes’ that are harder to justify, because those are the ones that help to make you who you are. Those decisions place you on a path, and they test your ability to adapt and perform; they give you a chance to create your own unique happiness, regardless of what (un)populated path you choose.

Every choice you’ve made in your life has lead you to this moment. Every choice has helped create you into this beautiful, perfect, capable, loving human being, full of potential and promise. Every choice has lead you to this opportunity to be able to ask yourself, right now: who do you want to be? And every choice has lead you to your next choice: who will you be?

Mistakes are just a simple miss take on life and this magnificent journey.

Keep doing you and keep making those little life choices you call ‘mistakes.’  They’re pretty damn beautiful.



Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Well, I’ve officially survived my first round of senior midterms. Key word: survived. I didn’t say it was pretty, but hey – it’s over. In better news, round two starts next week, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. [insert extreme sarcasm – and excessive studying – here] To give you an idea of what the upcoming segment of my life looks like: project, midterm, midterm, paper, project. And that’s just the next two weeks… But all I’m thinking about right now (to get me through this academic hell) is watching The O.C. on rerun and eating some (thick and creamy) Mac and Cheese. Senioritis? Maybe. (Definitely.)

But as my crazy semester charges forward – and full steam ahead, at that – I’m thankful for all of the chaos and commotion. I don’t know how to live my life with any sort of vacant, dead space. I’m constantly hustling from A to B because I don’t know how else to do it. I’m not wired to have down time; I’m not wired to simply ‘do nothing’. Definitely sounds nice, but so does walking out of this class right now, and we all know that won’t happen (because he takes attendance).

I’m a girl on the move. I excel under pressure, time constraints and over-booking. I thrive on activity and a full schedule, and when I don’t have a stacked agenda? It’s great for all of 4.7 seconds, and then I’m more stressed, less productive and incredibly anxious.


When all else fails: L A U G H

That doesn’t mean this crazy life filled with never-ending commitments (and far-too-little sleep) is always fun. It definitely isn’t perfect, but after 21 years, I know how I operate; I’m thankful for the ability to know myself, know my body and know my own personal needs. Now, don’t let me fool you. Meditation, (mediocre) cooking, writing and plans with friends are all in there, they’re scheduled – and written with pen, so they’re firm and nonnegotiable. I’m not a robot, and I never will (or want) to be, but I do need to be busy. Hence, I choose to scramble my way through life in survival mode and to take on (far) more than I can handle sometimes.

At times my life is one gigantic headache, but it’s uniquely mine, and it’s one that I’ve learned to function with. At some point I’ll reduce the chaos, slow my steps and increase the amount of vacant space in my Google Calendar. But as a 21-year-old with seemingly endless energy, I’m just enjoying the mayhem and embracing whatever craziness is thrown at me (or that I intentionally opt into).

And as nuts as this restless life may be (literally), I make sure to have constant reminders that this life is one to be thankful for and one worth cherishing: endless laughter, love, incredible company and an overdose of self-acceptance and respect.

I’m going a million miles a minute down the highway of life, and there’s no way I’m stopping anytime soon.

Keep doing you, as fast or as slow as that may be.

Gotta run, love…


No Bra, No Brablems

Raise your hand if you hate wearing a bra.

[insert a bajillion emoji girls raising hands here]

They’re just not fun. They’re tight, pokey, hot, itchy, and just all around yuck. And don’t even get me started on pricey (the good ones, anyway). But before you assume I’m a total hippy and completely disconnect my life from yours (I promise, we’re not that different), let me make a disclaimer: as much as I hate to wear them, I do.

I’ll admit – they have some incredible uses (i.e. they’re great for running marathons, riding roller coasters and bumpy buses (me right now), diving into home plate (me 5 years ago), and wearing plain white tees). But they can also be incredibly cumbersome. And I often find myself wearing a bra even when I don’t need to: to bed, around the house, and under huge baggy sweatshirts as I roam Ralph’s at 10pm (I know, #sin). And as I continue to do this, the big question is: why?

Well, I feel pressured.

When you’re freeballin’ and the paparazzi catches you like…



We’re constantly doing things just because everybody else is doing them. But how often do we stop and think: why am I doing this, and is it because I really want to? When I was a kid my mom used to discourage me from peer pressure (thanks, Ma) by saying “Well, if (s)he told you to jump off a bridge, would you?!” And of course, as a (sassy) child I would promptly say, “Of course not, Mom. Don’t be ridiculous.”

Yet the older I get, the more I recognize myself jumping – the more I’m giving into others’ ideas of goodness, normalcy, beauty, success, and perfection. The older I get, the more I realize that I’m just like everyone else, living in a sea of normalcy and trendiness, just trying to blend in.

But I don’t want to blend in. I don’t want to be just another one of the millions. I want to be one in a million. I want to stand up, stand out, and be different. And you should, too. Because you’re too perfect, too gorgeous, too valuable, and too you to not embrace and love yourself – all of yourself. Even the really (really) weird parts. Because remember: weird is good. And bras are (heavily) overrated.

Keep doing you and letting those girls go.


A Note: On Missing Someone

It’s really easy. Everywhere you turn there’s something that reminds you of them and the way they’ve touched your life. From hearing that Taylor Swift song (again) on the radio, to wearing their clothes that you so graciously “borrowed,” just about everything sends you a shocking reminder that they’re no longer there. And although these constant memories are frequent, it doesn’t mean they’re bad.

Although, they feel bad. Really bad.

Some of the most influential people in my life are (sadly) no longer regulars. But that doesn’t mean that they didn’t (or don’t) matter or that I’m not (constantly) thinking about them. Because I am.

I often parallel missing someone to living by the ocean: the days all start the same – gloomy, chilly and no sign of sun. You never quite know if the fog and clouds are going to burn off. But hell, you might as well throw on that bikini, make a damn good cup of coffee (obviously in a french press), and hit the beach, because if you don’t, you might miss a killer tan. And what a waste of an opportunity.

You’ve gotta move on, you’ve gotta keep chugging, and you’ve got to stay positive. And as cliché (yet true) as it is: there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

[on that note: I’m blind – someone please help me find said ‘light’]

I was so incredibly lucky to have my mom and grandma in town this weekend, with a surprise guest appearance featuring: Auntie Kristie. There’s nothing quite like time with family to put a smile on your face, some (non-ramen) food in your tummy, and a little extra happiness in your heart.

There’s also nothing quite like family to help with missing someone. Missing them is easy, it’s how to live with missing them that’s hard. And when I totally figure it out, I’ll let you know. We’ve all got our $#!† (sorry, grandma) to work on.

Missing you, xo



And if you’re not weird, get weird.

My awesome (and totally weird) boss always tells me to be weird, to embrace my weirdness, and to find someone else (a ‘lifer’) who will do the same. At first I thought it was weird that she was telling me to be weird, but the more I think about it, the more I realize just how imperative it is: we have to be weird to be different, because if we’re not different, we’re all one big monotonous group of boring humans living in a boring world.

But being weird and embracing your weirdness also means that others are going to be weird, and that you have to be okay with their weirdness, too. It doesn’t mean you have to be weird like them, understand their weird ways, or even like their weirdness. But let them be weird. Because they’re letting you be weird. And that’s what you want: to be weird – free of interruption, judgement and any sort of impasse.

So to nudge you to embrace your weirdness and to be a little weirder, I’ll (weirdly) go out on a limb and share with you 9 things (10 would be too predictable) that are weird about me, and that I’ve totally grown to love over the past 21 years. Because let’s face it: the older we get, the more time we’ve had to be weird. And weird is cool.

  1. I never buy jeans full price/ new
  2. I caption Instagram photos based on how even the lines of text are
  3. I sleep with 2 stuffed animals: Bunbun (the OG) and Oatie (Lauren’s OG)
  4. I constantly pick my nose (obviously because I have my nose pierced)
  5. I laugh at my own jokes… a lot
  6. I think my Birkenstocks look good with everything (they don’t)
  7. I have a (severe) aversion to soy products (yuck)
  8. I’m 99.6% sure that my ears belong to an elf
  9. I’m always full throttle about the things I love (i.e. I just got a Garmin vívosmart that I absolutely will not stop talking about… just ask my roomies)

And if you don’t believe any of that, there’s always this…


Not featured: my blistering sunburn from the Hawaiian Sun

I’m sure I’ve got about a billion and one more weird things about me (just ask my sister). New things come up everyday, and I always think to myself, “Goodness me, I’m such an odd creature.” But odd is fun, because odd isn’t even. And even is boring. And we don’t like boring, we like weird.

So be weird, stay weird, get weird, and let everyone else be weird, too. Weird makes us unique, and unique is what makes us the beautiful and love-filled individuals that we are. Because we were all weirdly created to be pretty damn weird. 

Keep doing your weird ✌️


DAY 1: Taking on the BIG Two One

I’m all about a fresh start. From New Year’s Day to getting up in the morning (after 9am), I love new beginnings. They’re chances to improve who you are and to redefine the pieces of you that have taken up full-time residency in the “needs improvement” column – right next to “applying liquid eyeliner” and “learning how to flirt without being terrifyingly awkward”. Birthdays for me are just the same: a chance to start fresh, to rid my life of unwanted negativity and to continue to move towards being my best self. Every birthday I challenge myself to not only be better, but to make the next year the best one yet. And regardless of the last year’s turn out, I still kindle my flame of optimism hoping that the best is always yet to come.

So as May rolled around, summer got a sweet start when I (finallyyyyy) turned 21! And as I looked at my life and took note of its impurities, I knew exactly what my goal would be for my 21st year: happiness.


Pictured: Happy Megan with a drink in hand as Steph keeps an eye out for me (per usual)

Thus far, twenty-one has been totally fab. And although being of age is quite less eventful than I had dreamed it to be as a tweenager (definition: the awkward, premature years when I proudly sported Limited Too and a mouth full of braces), I’m in love with my life – alcohol or not (although sometimes preferred). Highlights of my “21st year” to date being: celebrating my actual birthday with the best creatures around, spending some quality (and much needed) time with the family this summer, and buying a bottle (ok… bottles) of wine at Trader Joe’s. Sometimes it’s the little things…

I started my morning with a birthday hike overlooking Stanford with Steph, sent my dad off on a 2 week adventure to Ireland (obviously I didn’t go; still a sore subject), had dinner with my peeps at my favorite Greek restaurant downtown, and waddled over to a few local bars before heading home. Throw in a few cupcakes, a few too many strong drinks and some even stronger friendships, and that was the make-up of my golden birthday. Sound like a low-key 21st? Well, it was, and it was absolutely perfect.


I didn’t do a Vegas run or an all-inclusive to Puerto Vallarta, and I didn’t want to.

  1. I’m in college, therefore, I’m broke. (Mom, you’re welcome)
  2. It wasn’t about the location, it was about the people.

And considering I don’t (yet) have the means to fly my entire dinner party across the border (#someday), being home made for a great place to celebrate. Our family trip to Hawaii this summer (more to come later this week) made for a great birthday trip, anyway. I mean, I can’t live too luxuriously as a twenty something or I’ll never want to work for anything. I think that’s how it goes, right?

A few thoughts on birthdays (and yes, getting older):

You can’t value life by the things you have or the number of years you’ve been alive; it’s about what you’ve done with those years, who you’ve spent them with and who you’ve become along the way. We’re given decades of life (if we’re lucky) because life isn’t easy – and it’s not supposed to be. It’s hard to get it right, and we need all the time we can get to even try to come close. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in these last 21 years, it’s that (most) humans totally rock. And our relationships with people (especially siblings) are far more fulfilling than any other substitute.


Because we can’t take a normal photo

I wanted to spend the BIG Two One with my parents (I know I’m weird), my sister (she picks a mean Cab blend) and some really great friends. And I’m so glad I did, because it’s one of my favorite memories to date.

But the best is yet to come.

Keep doing you, even as those years creep up on you, and keep loving and enjoying other humans. Cheers (legally) to all you summer birthdays out there!


Hi, my name is Megan.

Hi, my name is Megan, this is my blog, and no, I’m not dead. Seeing as I haven’t blogged in about 2+ months, I feel as if I owe you an explanation about where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. So, here it goes:

  1. I was skydiving over the Pacific Ocean when my parachute punctured. I fought off a gam of sharks, and escaped to my safety on the Tahitian Islands.
  2. I suggested Jake Owen get a hair cut and we’ve been hanging out ever since. (Uhhh, I wish)
  3. I was kidnapped by a gaggle of geese, excelled in flight school, and managed to navigate my way home.
  4. Stephanie was so annoying I had no idea what to do with myself.
  5. I spent the entire summer interning, training and doing my best to survive up until this moment.

All plausible (especially #4), but obviously #5 takes the cake. Throw in camping for 8 days and a trip an escape to Hawaii last week, and that pretty much sums up my life over the past few months. Sound like a grind? Because it was. It most definitely was.

But somewhere in all that mess (maybe between Jake Owen and a great white), I lost myself. There’s a piece of me that lives inside this blog and thrives inside this space, and without it, I don’t feel complete. No matter what I do, something’s missing, something’s making me uneasy, and something’s not right.

I continually have people asking me what writing I’m working on or what my most recent blog post is about. And although it breaks my heart to admit my absence to them, it was (weirdly) much needed. I know that I can’t be happy without this piece of me continually growing and evolving. I tried that (aka this summer) and it was hell. So here I am, here to stay. And I hope you stick around for the ride, too. I mean, you’ve made it this far.

And since I’ve missed you all so much as of late…

[insert announcement here]

I’ve decided to put a little sweet surprise at the beginning of September: Seven Days of Summer! Starting September 1st, I will be posting for 7 days straight about my summer, how my life has been, and the different adventures I’ve been up to! I’d love you to hear what y’all (my roomie from Texas is obviously back) have been up to, too! I’m so looking forward to this massive chunk of blog time this next week, and I hope it helps give you a little fix to make up for what’s been missing.

Thank you for reading, thank you for inspiring me, and thank you for (directly and/or indirectly) forcing me to scrape the rust off, get back to my keyboard(s) and start writing again. It’s been far too long, and you’re just too good-looking to stay away (obviously).

Keep doing you and keep pursuing the things you love and are passionate about. Life’s a lonely (and boring) ride without your dreams and aspirations thrown in here and there – even if it’s just for a little bit color (just like your vegetables).

All my love from June, July and all of August.


Summer Megan (happily pictured below)